Mutual Fund & ETF Portfolios

Individually designed to meet your objectives, risk tolerance and timeline

Conservative to aggressive, growth vs income, preservation options available


Fixed, indexed, income for life and many more options

CDs and Structured CDs

Issued by many top-rated US and foreign banks insured up to FDIC limits

Life Products & Insurance

Term, LTC and more

IRAs and IRA Rollovers

Legacy Planning

Tax-free solutions for passing on legacy to loved ones

529 Plans

Tax advantaged education products

401k Plans--Cash Balance Plans--Design, Implement and Review   

Full review of current investments in and outside plan

Design, plan, implement new 401k and Cash Balance plans for small businesses

Buy Sell Agrements

Individual Financial Plans

Helping plan for retirement

Complimentary Review


Annuities and CDs

Annuities can play a very impactful role in a client portfolio. The annuity contracts we offer are issued by only the top-rated insurance companies; many have guarantee of principle, all are taxed deferred, have a degree of liquidity, pass through to beneficiaries without probate and can generate lifetime income. We will spend as much time as needed to inform, educate, and advise you of all options.

We offer an array of CDs and structured CDs issued by highly rated and well-known US banks. The principle is guaranteed to FDIC insurance limits.  The structured CDs can be extremely  complex, so as in our annuity products, you will educated, advised and informed before any investment decisions are made.

Legacy Planning

We offer a tax-free solution for clients who want to pass their legacy on. The beneficiaries immediately receive a death benefit significantly higher than the premium. The transfer does not pass through probate and transfers to the beneficiary tax-free


Quarterly Reports

Statement of current holdings

Statement of net asset value

Report of all portfolio transactions

Client Service

Direct contact with portfolio manager

Individually customized portfolios

Explanation of portfolio changes

In-person & telephone meetings